Introducing the Industry's Most Comprehensive & Affordable

Startup-Focused Management Liability Insurance 

Do You Work With Startups? 

Add the industry's most comprehensive and affordable Startup Management Liability Insurance to your portfolio to extend the value you bring your customers. 

Whether you’re a tech-enabled MGA, broker/agent, venture capital firm, fintech, bank or technology company that serves startups, you can now white-label Boost's insurance product to provide a differentiated and valuable line of insurance protection to your customers.

Consider The Opportunity:

  • All startups need management liability insurance in their early days. But they have long been underserved, often being denied coverage or stuck paying exorbitant premiums. 
  • Over 10,000 US-based startups received $160 billion in venture funding in 2020 alone. The startups of today are the commercial insurance market of tomorrow.
Why Partner With Boost:
  • Provide the most comprehensive coverage at the fairest price to your startup clientele. 
  • Offer a 100% digital customer experience that's integrated seamlessly into your existing workflows and interfaces.
  • Easily offer the product as part of your core business or as a value-added service to enhance the relationship with your customers.

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